Don't listen to the lies

There was a post on Facebook by Stacy Debee on A Place of Love that asked what was holding us back or hindering us from stepping out and being bold.
Stop just a minute and answer that for yourself.... Dig deep, really think about it -  write it down...
we'll come back to that later.
My answer kind of surprise me because I thought I had gotten beyond it a long time ago. Apparently, however, these fears hang around in the background to raise their ugly head just when you're getting ready to step out and do something big, or something hard - something to make a difference, or even just stepping in the right direction!
The Devil loves to use these fears to do his best to prevent you from being part of God's good work. He hates to see us succeed and will use the lies that we tell ourselves in any way he can.
Okay transparency time here's my big

I'm afraid I'm going to fail. Every. time.
I keep thinking "but if I mess this up God is going to look bad!"


Yesterday I spoke of Good Friday and the things it caused me to reflect upon.
 Today I would like to focus on Easter and the resurrection.
The resurrection speaks of the conquering of Death
The removal of Darkness
The Forgiveness of sins
The start of a new life.

Our family has come through so many struggles and now we begin our new life.
We are winning against the darkness of sin. Infidelity, anger, miscommunication and so much more.
Just like Jesus took off the wrappings of his burial so we must continue to come out of the wrappings of our sin. Jesus took the time to take them off carefully, fold them neatly, and put them in their place.
It's a daily process coming out of this death of ours. We must deal with the wrappings  -the past- one piece at a time, carefully, then fold it, set it aside, and leave it behind.
Like Christ coming out of his tomb, like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon, this family will learn to truly live and fly as a beautiful testimony to the Lord. For i…

Good Friday

The thoughts that Easter bring to mind this year....
The struggles Christ went through leading up to and including the cross seem to parallel the struggles we've been through.
Rejection, unbelief and misunderstanding from his closest friends.
The pain and struggle of following God's will, no matter how hard, even when it seems easier to do it another way. Realization that God being with me doesn't mean everything is easy.
Seeing that the things that sometimes look like the worst thing in the world are the one thing that turns everything around and put everything in place the way it should be.
I have loved for a while the song "Just be Held" by Casting Crowns and have clung to the words of that song - "your world's not falling apart, it's falling into place". Now I'm seeing the truth of those words actually come to fruition in my own life.
Christ truly understands our struggles in this broken world because he lived every one of them in so…

When life happens

So, I forgot Saturday was Saturday, Sunday didn't work the way it was supposed to, and today I've been running around like crazy because it's time to move everybody up into the next grade level.
So no blog on Saturday, thought I would do it Sunday, but let's just say Sunday didn't feel like Sunday.
The devil really tries to get in there and make life happen in ways that you really don't want it to and it really shouldn't.
I had my blog all written up but not yet typed, and it's a great blog about how we were communicating -  so wonderfully - and we did - last Sunday. And I will share that one in the future, but in keeping with being fully real, let's talk about this Sunday.
So Sunday morning - hubby is making me super proud gets up and  gets Church ready on the TV for us, because I didn't have enough gas to get to church. Then proceeds to tell me that he meant to say something last week, but things happened (which they did), but he wanted to …

Porn's devastating effects

Love covers (forgives, not overlooks) a multitude of sins... 
I knew porn was a problem for him, but I thought it was a problem we could handle on our own.  He thought it wasn't a big deal - that I was just naive and too sensitive.
How I wish now we had recognized just how devastating it could be to our lives. I wish we had gotten help much sooner. 
Please, if porn is creeping in to your family - put a stop to it now! Remember God's admonition to resist the devil...
(Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
James 4:7)  and FLEE sexual sin
(Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.
1 Corinthians 6:18  and We must not indulge in sexual immorality as some of them did, and twenty-three thousand fell in a single day.
1 Corinthians 10:8)

RUN as far and fast as you can from this monster!

We had been married 9 years when we were forced to see just how b…

Then God.....

I've been making notes, praying, and wondering where to start...
Then God....
I love how He does that - provides your needs, answers to your questions, comfort - right on time, every time.
My husband came home last night with beautiful flowers. The first flowers I've received in a very long time, and the first ones that really felt like they had meaning in even longer.

We are still in the midst of our marriage redemption story - in fact, very early in the "seeing" of the redemption part.

 He was finally allowed by his probation officer to return home last week. It was totally a God thing, both in the inner workings of the Government and in our hearts - dramatically in my husband.
I had been praying - for years really, but really intensely and purposefully in the last month or so, for God to reveal himself to him in a way he couldn't deny. You see, DH has struggled for years with knowing how to - or even that he could - trust God with the details of his life.

My Story begins - a summary

Hi, my name is.... well, let's just call me the Blessed Mess👧. I'm going to be telling you a very personal story that necessarily involves many people in my life, so to protect those relationships I am going to be changing or not using names. I love all of these people I will be referencing, and want to respect their privacy and feelings. This story will be told from mine and my husbands perspective, so it's obviously going to be a bit biased, but it's our story and I hope it can be of help to you.
It might be best to start with a summary of the types of things we've gone through, which is very briefly mentioned in my profile statement but could benefit from a bit of fleshing out for you.

We got married in a rush, I was pregnant. That's not why we got married, but it's why it was rushed. only a short while in I discovered my husband was looking at porn and chatting in chat rooms with women. Though I confronted him it didn't get better, he just got bet…